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Obscura “The World Today” – An NFT Photography Exhibition

September 24, 2022 - December 10, 2022

NFT Event

About this event

  • Obscura: The World Today 10K+ NFT Photography Exhibit
  • Opening night: September 24 at 5 p.m.
  • Live panel open discussion: 5:30 p.m.
  • FREE and open to the public
  • Enjoy interactive experiences
  • Learn about artists’ Web3 journeys
  • Step into the 21st Century’s first global visual timestamp


MAD Arts presents:

An IRL gallery show of Obscura’s “The World Today” 10K+ NFT photo collection Exhibit features 138 International photographers – the largest NFT photography commission on the Blockchain today.

A live panel discussion will start at 5:30 p.m. This interactive broadcast event features some TWT artists and original curators from Obscura. The live panel will have an open discussion surrounding photography, NFTs, and Web3, and introduce the community that participates in the Web3 NFT art space.

Event details:

Curated by Multi-Media Artist Maritza Molina, this IRL NFT exhibition will showcase the works of 138 international photographers from 6 continents, 39 countries, and 90+ cities, combining world-renown artists, and emerging talent from National Geographic, Magnum Photos, Guggenheim fellows, World Press Photo, Pulitzer Prize, and Emmy Award winners.

Each photographer was given one month, from March-April 2022, during a time when much of the world was experiencing chaos, to capture a microcosm of life. Their work offers a unique glimpse of our connections in the 21st Century to ourselves, nature, earth, death, humanity, culture, technology, politics, war, isolation, architecture, community, family, relationships, children, the past, the present, the future, our ancestors, the imagination, the abstract, and worlds not visible to most. This project is an ode to the 1955 exhibition “The Family of Man” by legendary curator Edward Steichen for the MoMA.

Portions of this captivating visual ledger of 13,800 tokens on the blockchain will be on view at the gallery in an exhibit of interchangeable spaces, creating an infinite combination of images constantly changing, where no moment is ever the same. Visitors will be able to scan the QR code of any image, visit the NFT auction of that artist’s work, and become crypto art collectors, supporting TWT projects and artists in their Web3 journey.

The “Talking Space” gallery, a unique feature of the event, will showcase Q&A interviews with over 20 of the participating artists of TWT, giving access to their photographic practice and process, spanning over 15 countries, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Georgia, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Spain, Trinidad, United Kingdom, and US.

Obscura “The World Today” Exhibit runs from September 24 – December 10, 2022 at MAD Arts Gallery

Opening night: September 24 at 5 p.m.
RSVP info: https://ObscuraNFT.eventbrite.com

* To purchase an NFT from TWT, visitors will need a Metamask crypto wallet.


Artist Statements

Aaron Huey
Aghogho Otega
Ahndraya Parlato
Alan Carranza
Alejandro Cartagena
Alessandra Sanguinetti
Alex Majoli
Alicia Araís Fernandez Castañeda
Alvaro Laiz
Amy Woodward
Ana Maria Arevalo Gosen
Ana Sofia Ayarzagoitia
Andres Cardona Cruz
Andressa Cruz Zumpano
Anita Pouchard Serra
Antero Escandón
Barbara Davidson
Behnam Sadighi
Benedicte Kurzen
Benson Ibeaubuchi
Bernard Kalu
Bieke & Dries Depoorter
Bruno Morais
Carlos Loret de Mola
Caroline Gutman
Charlotte Schmitz
Christina Martinez
Christopher Anderson
Clara de Tezanos
Cooper Ray
Cris Veit
Cristina De Middel
Cristobal Olivares
Damilola Onafuwa
Daro Salukauri
Deepti Asthana
Derrick Carr
Donaldo Barros
Eduardo Giralt – Comandante Vagancia
Elena Subach
Eman Ali
Emin Ôzmen
Enri Canaj
Eric Gottesman
Eric Ruby
Eunice Adorno
Eva Verbeeck
Fabiola Cedillo
Fernando Gallegos
Girma Berta
Gisela Volá
Gregory Halpern
Gui Christ
Hugo Faz
Igor Chekachkov
Irina Rozovsky
Jack Simpson
Jacqui Kenny
Jake Versoza
Javier Leon Cuevas
Jim Goldberg
JJ Estrada
Joe Matty
Johanna Alarcón
Jorge Panchoaga
José Luis Cuevas
Joshua Irwandi
Julia Gaisbacher
Juliana Gomez
Juri Koll
Kamau Kamau
Karla Leyva
Kevin Cooley
Koral Carballo
Kristyna Archer
Lauren Hermele
Lily Hatten
Lindokuhle Sobekwa
Linn Phyllis Seeger
Lorenzo Meloni
Luciana Demichelis
Luján Agusti & Nicolás Deluca
Lynne Brouwer
Mariela Sancari
Marion Durand
Mark Steinmetz
Mayumi Suzuki
Melba Arellano
Mia Forrest
Michael Schmelling
Mishka Henner
Murillo Neves Dias
Musuk Nolte
Mykhaylo Palinchak
Nani Gutierrez
Neec Nonso
Nengi Nelson
Nguveren Ahua
Nicolas Combarro
Nicolas Janowski
Nyimas Laula
Oksana Parafeniuk
Olivia Arthur
Ore Huiying
Othón Briones
Pablo Lerma
Paz Olivares Droguett
Pelle Cass
Rachel Seidu
Rafael Vilela
Rami el-Sabban
Raymond Meeks
Roberto Tondopó
Rochelle Marie Adam
Roger Job
Ronald Pizzoferrato
Sara Aliaga
Sarah Basheer
Sarah Pabst
Shaldrian Gomez
Showkat Nanda
Su Cassiano
Taiwo Aina
Tamara Merino
Thomas Dworzak
Ugochukwu Emebiriodo
Victor Adewale
Victor Zea
Walker Bankson
Wara Vargas Lara
Wesley Verhoeve
Wim Van Cappellen
Wyatt Gallery
Yael Martinez Velázquez
Yen Duong




Maritza is a Cuban born, multi-media artist and RISD alum, where she received a full-merit scholarship and graduated from fine arts photography. She uses a 4×5 large-format film camera as her main tool, and also works in performance art, video, sound, drawing, installation, sculpture. Her work reflects on personal and universal issues of identity and womanhood, our relationship with nature, and the meaning of life and the unknown. Maritza’s work has been exhibited internationally including at The Bass Museum of Art, The Armory Show New York with Exit Art gallery, Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, Polk Museum of Art, National Gallery Museum Costa Rica, The Frank Museum of Art Otterbein, Scope Art Show Miami / New York, Pinta BAphoto Argentina, and others.

Her work is in collections at The Bass Museum of Art, Sagamore Hotel South Beach, Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla Photo Collection, and others; and published in Miami Contemporary Artists book by Schiffer Publishing, Artforum, Ocean Drive and Afterimage magazines. She is recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts 2008 from State of FL and a Cintas Foundation Fellowship Finalist in Visual Arts 2006. Maritza began working with NFTs in early 2021, is an NFT art consultant, has helped onboard artists into NFTs, exhibited at NFT NYC 2022, and is a member of Obscura DAO. Maritza is also an adjunct art professor at Miami Dade College, former photography instructor at Penland School of Craft NC, and a professional SAG-Aftra actress. She resides in Miami, FL.



September 24, 2022
December 10, 2022


MAD Gallery
481 Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004 United States
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