David Henry Nobody Jr

Exhibit Dates

05/14/2024 - 08/18/2024

Resemblagè compilation reel

A series of performative self portraits that are inside-out representations of humanity, wherein I wear the detritus of consumerism absurdly on my body. I wear social problems often humorously, so that the audience can project themselves into the composition. The pieces are my navigational devices, my vehicle to drive through existence, and a communal search in collaboration with the viewer. I am interested in the shattering of reality as we have known it into a new tech-enhanced simulacra. My work is the search for our emotional place in these revolutionary changes.

About the artist:

David Henry Nobody Jr. is an interventionist/immersionist performance artist and sculptor known for his diverse periods of work, often involving his physical body. He has been active in the New York art world since the early 1990s, gaining attention for unconventional and controversial sociological projects, such as rolling out red carpets in NYC when no one is coming, stalking Donald Trump, and his one-year notorious VIP party crashing as Alex von Fürstenberg in 2000. Nobody's work frequently explores the dark side of American dystopian consumerism and involves the creation of existential "Fantastic Nobody" characters that perform and "hack" reality. His recent work, characterized by a large body of self-portraits, inspired by the internet, has gained significant attention on social media and in the press. David transitioned his work to NFT tokenization in 2021 and has produced a steady market for his videos and photography. He can be found on Instagram as @davidhenrynobodyjr, where he has a substantial following.

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