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Mad Arts museum is closed due to air conditioning issues and the risk of our equipment overheating. All tickets purchased online are still valid until admittance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For customer service, please email at or call (754) 239-0707.

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Who We ARE

The playground for art and innovation.

Tomorrow's Revolution

An immersive art museum in Dania Beach, Mad Arts showcases international artists, designers, and creatives whose work disrupts, provokes, and transforms what art and technology can achieve. Explore the cutting-edge and innovative sides of art, light, and technology, closing the gap between artist and viewer to expand your digital horizons.

Looking for fun things to do with your kids? Bring them to Mad Arts, a family-friendly space and immersive museum in Broward where they can play and let their imaginations run wild. Everyone can feel like a kid again – to create, innovate, and lose themselves in the moment.


Our Mission

We’re committed to pushing a digital transformation forward, where freedom of expression is fostered and practiced on a daily basis.

Our Vision

To be a playground for the discovery of new ideas and technology that foster collaboration and inclusion with a shared goal of propelling collective cultural growth.

Our History

As an up-and-coming creative, Marc Aptakin was given the opportunity to use the space of what was then known as Dorsch Gallery, a beloved place with underground, punk rock vibes that catered to the local artist community. There, Marc was able to develop not just his talents but also his sense of community, inspiring him to pay it forward. In 2016, as part of Mad, a digital and advertising agency, Marc opened Bad Space, a warehouse that provided free access to studio space at 700 W Las Olas Blvd for local artists and creatives. This soon became an outlet for the likes of Jen Clay, Richard Vergez, and other prominent artists who left a mark on the South Florida art scene.

At the time COVID started in 2020, Mad acquired a 50,000 sq. ft. building in Dania Beach, Florida, with sufficient space to host other initiatives. It is here where Mad Arts was formalized as an alternative space for exhibitions and experimentation, serving as a convening home for artists and community members to activate it in the form of happenings, screenings, exhibitions, and performances, among others.

Since then, Mad Arts has worked with renowned artists and designers such as NONOTAK, Iregular, Ana María Caballero, Susan Narduli, Anaisa Franco, Cory Van Lew, Sasha Katz, Jen Clay, Gladys Garrote, NINOCENCE, and Dolce Paganne, among others.

Powered by MadLabs, Mad Arts has access to a comprehensive studio with over 17,000 sq. feet of the industry’s most cutting-edge virtual production space, including Dolby Atmos sound studio and Unreal Engine virtual studio, alongside Vicon system, the world’s number one choice in motion capture. This allows Mad Arts to serve as a laboratory for research and development where engineers, architects, and creatives can work alongside artists to produce pieces.

Marc Aptakin

Founder and CEO

Olivier Beuzelin

Chief Technology Officer

Roy Husdell

Chief Creative Officer

Anna Akumova

Project Manager

Philip Lique

Director of Exhibitions

Sofia Bastidas

Strategic Consultant

Tess Aptakin

Visitor Services

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