Thomas Garnier

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An installation based on photomontage that superimposes two eras both in pictorial style and in its production technique. The image is formed from accumulating fragments of paintings and photographs before being finalized in photogravure.

The source paintings are landscapes from 18th-century Romantic paintings, and the photographs belong to the "urban exploration" movement of collecting and sharing contemporary images of industrial remains and war ruins. These phantasmagorical assemblages are combined as a continuous loop projected by an automated scrolling mechanism.

About the artist:

Initially trained as an architect, Thomas Garnier is a French contemporary and visual artist. His practice is that of an artist but also of a researcher or a heterotopologist. This search and construct of meaning in the "liminal" brings him to produce automated and collapsing sculptures, infinite moving images that loop on themselves, displays that randomly compose linguistical accumulations and etchings of digitally corrupted files.

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