Jaime Reyes + re | thread

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Our daily software tasks, such as emailing or web browsing, are turned into millions of operations that control the computer. They are called system calls. “SysCalls” is a live audiovisual installation programmed to generate visuals and music, revealing this intangible and extraordinary software activity in real time. Visuals are generated live and projected on the ground. Music is created in sync with the visuals and broadcasted through multiple speakers in the room.

About the artist:

Jaime Reyes is an artist based in Stockholm. His work takes on a surreal, multicultural, and nonlinear nature through his use of multiple technologies to change the perception of space. re|thread is a collective of software researchers, artists, and designers from Stockholm.

Their work lies at the intersection between software technology, art, interaction design, sonification, and visualization, focusing on using software as the material and medium for artistic creation.

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