Miguel Gonzalez

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The Curious II

"The Curious II" is a dance between language, sound, architecture, technology, darkness, and light. It is an immersive art installation that transforms space into a symphony of sensory exploration. Conceived as a response to the unique contours of the museum’s transition hall, "The Curious II" orchestrates a mesmerizing interplay of lights arranged in a spiral formation. This dynamic alignment is a dialogue with the architectural nuances of the hall, embracing the disruptive voids and elevating the transitional spaces into poetic experiences. Real-time coding breathes life into the installation, as themes and variations unfold in a continuous loop. The symbiotic relationship between light and sound takes center stage, each movement a choreographed manifestation of algorithmic beauty. Chromosaturation blankets the walls, saturating the space with hues that shift and blend, while rapid cycles and synchronized dots navigate the spiral, creating a hypnotic dance. In the heart of "The Curious II" lies a carefully crafted poem, an ode to the intrinsic beauty of light. Displayed on a wall within the installation, the poem serves as a guide, an invitation to appreciate the nuanced choreography of photons, sound frequencies and shadows. As dark ambient synth sounds composed specifically for this space reverberate, the lights respond in kind, crafting an ever-evolving narrative. "The Curious II" is a space for contemplation, a fusion of technology and art that transcends the visual and auditory.

About the artist:

Miguel Gonzalez, MFA, Miami, Florida is a contemporary artist, and professor from Venezuela and the USA. His main interests are new media and technology, sound art, video installations, projection mapping, digital art, portraiture, and multi-sensorial art spaces. He taught the MFA in Visual arts at the Miami International University of Art and Design. He is also the creator of “Origen Lux” an art studio that creates light art installations for commercial spaces. Gonzalez did his MFA at The Parsons School of Design in New York City. He has exhibited at Photoville in Brooklyn, at the Sheila Aronson Gallery in Manhattan, at the Inchon Festival in Korea, at the Auckland Festival of Photography in New Zealand, and at the Pingyao Photography Festival and the Lishui Biennale in China, at the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair during Art Basel in Miami, Fotofest in Houston, Immerse Festival in Orlando, New Media Festival at Doral Contemporary Museum, and the Miami Art Society Gallery, at Super Blue in Miami.

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