LP Rondeau, co-produced with ELEKTRA. Distributed by Wireframe Public Art.

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As we walk into this triangular arch, our mirrored image on the screen gets frozen in time and stretched in space. The past gets distorted, just like our memories get blurred by the passage of time. A playful and reflective experience, "RESONANCES" is a visual metaphor on how our lives are governed by the unstoppable passage of time. Co-produced with ELEKTRA. Distributed by Wireframe Public Art.

About the artist:

Based in Montreal, Canada, Rondeau develops devices that explore self-representation and performance in a playful and unconventional manner. His research-creation approach reveals as much a search for simplicity of design for users as an interest in the complexity of computer code, seeking to reinterpret forgotten and marginalized media forms using contemporary digital tools.

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