Brian Fox, Media Pollution

Exhibit Dates

Self Absorption

A reflection on how modern technology blends inside of us. Channels of light form, travel through a network, and become visible. Rotating the hues of our minds. Unconsciously merging us in a newfound status quo. Leaving it up to us to decide if our attention will be used to gain harmony with knowledge or feed back into the abyss. Are you self absorbed or absorbing the self...?

About the artist:

Brian Fox has been restoring and repurposing various electronic devices for 25 years. During the 10 years he spent teaching the formerly incarcerated how to fix electronics at Homeboy Electronics Recycling, he discovered that the vast wasteland of discarded electronics was a gold mine for art and inspiration. This led to the founding of Media Pollution, an artist collective that inspires intergenerational wonder by marrying old devices and new technology.

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