JS Baillat, Ottomata, Diagraf

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Created by the Montréal-based artists, "Laser Like Water" is a digital art installation intended as a meeting of various elements that together give rise to new perceptions of those same elements only possible as a result of their amalgamation.

The piece is composed of brightly-colored lasers and shining ropes that slice through the air, fall apart upon contact with water, and then are reflected and deposited onto a mirrored screen. That ultimately results in the creation of new abstract forms, producing an intense experience - a connection and a synergy within a defined space.

About the artist:

Jean-Sébastien Baillat has been working in the field of design and digital arts, striving to make design open-ended, colorful, original, and striking.

Ottomata is an experiential design studio specializing in the conception of interactive installations and immersive journeys without the need for wearable tech. With a filmmaker's perspective on visual thematics and narrative,

Diagraf combines minimalist aesthetics and complex evolutive graphics with emotive cinematic content.

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